Company Culture
Through +10 years' development, Silver Fox has scaled up its operation from 20 people to over 2000 employees, at the same time, has seriously implemented the scientific development concept, actively fulfilled the corporate social responsibility, and consciously put the corporate social responsibility in the mindset of the company's strategy, corporate culture and operating activities, thus making every efforts to establish harmonious corporate.
In June 2013, our Jiangxi factory, namely JiShui XinShiDai Leather Co., Ltd has been approved as an ECO factory in Marks&Spencer’s system. Silver Fox will take this as a new starting pointing to bring the M&S quality and its environment sustainability into its corporate culture and business concept to make great effort to promote the harmonious development among economy, environment and society, thus committing itself to become the paragon of the handbag manufacturing corporate citizenship.

We run all the business with ethical and sustainable manners to protect and improve directly and indirectly Silver Fox’s employee's career development, human rights, health and safety, and their benefits are highly concerned and guaranteed to be growing along with the company's development at the same pace.

Silver Fox strives for the best operation to be responsible for environment and assumes social responsibilities proactively. Besides, the corporation is committed to obey relative laws, reduce healthy risk and construct a healthy work environment.
Silver Fox initiatives its employees to save water and electricity, use recycled paper and eat green products. It also suggests its employees to refuse detergent, noise pollution, plastic bags and one-time items.

We aim to help all the customers-internal and exterior ones-together with our team utilizing various opportunities to change the world, and makes positive influence in the industry domesticly and internationally.

Based on the current supply chain and industry best practices, also with the help of  customers in continuous learning and continuous self-improvement. Silver Fox is willing to develop, implement and improve compliance actively.

Silver Fox aims to be a global handbag leader, which provides the clients worldwide with satisfying and customized products and services.

Vendor Management

Silver Fox has been committed to the implementation of integrity business practices and social responsibility in the supply chain. The guidelines reflect Silver Fox’s requirement on its own supply chain partner companies in the respect for human and environmental protection requirements and social responsibility, hoping that all suppliers, especially in long-term cooperation key suppliers to comply with Code of Business Conduct .
Supplier Code of Conduct covers the following three main areas:
1.Integrity and compliance - compliance with relevant laws and regulations, regulations of the country.
2.Respect for employees, give them dignity - in accordance with the relevant labor laws and regulations, treat employees reasonablely.
3.Environment protection –with the perspective of protecting the global and local environment, take the responsibility and meet the requirements with appropriate measures to protect the environment.