I still remember that in my childhood, the water of “Ganjiang River” of hometown Jiangxi was always full of water, there are abundant resources with fishes and shrimps anywhere; but now, the pictures in my childhood memory have been disappeared for a long time.

In the past, I did not pay any attention to it; after further contact with more similar information at home and abroad, visiting some places and learning about more knowledge, I gradually understood the meaning of “the earth is my family”, and deeply realized the importance of initiating low carbon and environmental protection.

Low carbon is a new concept, but its proposed issue is an old problem about sustainable development. Since the excessive carbon emission causing the ecological climate change, which is appeared in the process of production and consumption of human beings, in order to reduce the carbon emission correspondingly we have to optimize and restrict some consumption and production activities.

Since last year, Company has been started the journey of low carbon and environmental protection; in 2013, we have implemented more actual actions, e.g. use LED lamp, re-transform electric circuits, eliminate excessive lighting equipment, organize all staffs participate in energy-saving activity, collect rainwater for recylcing use, etc. 

The road of low carbon is a long-term and meaningful task!

I promised that the development of Xinshidai must follow the principle of environment sustainability, I am confident of continuously leading Xinshidai and all  my staffs to go further on the low-carbon road.